Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If man can really do magic, he can be King of the world!
But that is not the Truth!

Illusionists like David Copperfield, Chris Angel, David Blaine and their likes, can put up a very realistic magic that astound viewers and real-life audiences. But that is what they are- just entertainers in a show. If they can just do one real magic and that is- they can make money materialize, why would they carry on doing shows. They can make millions of money for themselves and live like a king on this world and make people become their servants. But that is never the Truth!

Magicians/ Illusionists claim they get their talents from God but the truth is- all of them are not believers of God. God create humans with no power to do or make anything but only wants them to pray and believe Him as the only God. As such all magicians and illusionists being unbelievers, are only used by God to be entertainers for viewers and real-life audiences, doing all the death defying stunts until the Angel of Death come a-calling.

Similarly what the Chinese mediums do in a Lo' Tang procession. They are putting up a show disguising as whatever deities they want to be. Because during the procession, for the whole time they are in trance with their eyes either closed or staring blindly ahead and not in control of themselves. And when they recover back to normal person, they feel so exhausted like almost death is seconds away.

In TRUTH, no human can claim he has any kind of power. What people see that one person has some kind of talent is just something that God wants people to THINK! Only believers of the TRUTH can see everything is from GOD!